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V-Tech Talking Whiz Kid Laptop

added circuit on left

controls with lid down

window to inside

close up of window


Controls from left: 1/4" output, output switch, power on/off*, momentary "stall"/loop, control for osc controlled "stall"/loop, pitch (slows/stutters), repeat (either Repeat or Answer it is spdt center off), rotary for 6 gitches, on/off for glitches.

*Can be used as a kill/reset switch but was really added to cut power to my added circuit.

WhizKid 1 2.2 Mb
WhizKid 2 1 Mb

These are big in filesize but not in how they play in your viewer.
I recommend viewing at 200%
WhizKidVid 1 11 Mb
WhizKidVid 2 9 Mb

A bunch of photos of the screen freaking out.