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V-Tech Music Major
Here is the drawing I did of my V-Tech Music Major PCB with components.

V-Tech Music Major PCB

So there is that big drawing above, and it did not do a whole lot of help.
I found this circuit to be sensitive, maybe because of the osc I chose to build, but it was a hassle.
Some component values changed from what was on the breadboard to what was on the perf board.
All in all I am pleased. Basically there is a pitch mod which controls both U and BU listed in the drawing.
I also added a 555 to modulate the sounds that are generated from U. Sounds stored in BU (animals/drums/voice) are not affected by the 555.
I do not really care for digital glitch, but it is simple enough to find on U.
The drawing has been noted in green where the 555 signal is injected.
Also removing the the resonators and caps of both U and BU.
Pin 31 of U and pin 6 of BU are connected together and go to the varable osc I built.
Pin 32 of U and pin 5 of BU are just left unconnected.

V-Tech Music Major PCB
For the mylar caps experiment with pretty much anything except electrolytic and ceramic.
The SPST and SPDT switches allow for either cap to be selected (SPDT) or to combine both caps (SPST).
On the breadboard the 1K trim pot was a 1K res, and there was only one 6p ceramic cap.

Sample 3.4 MB
Old MacDonald sample 2.5 MB Straight demo then modulated.
sna riff 2.3 MB

V-Tech Music Major

V-Tech Music Major

Controls from right to left:
Vol, pitch, signal mod1, signal mod2, modulation on/off, modulation cap select A or B, and modulation cap join A+B.

V-Tech Music Major

Output jack added, and moved power input. Not wanting to spend a lot on C-size batteries I only use this now.

V-Tech Music Major

I have been asked about a couple of markings on the Music Major.
The 2 arrows next to 10 will cycle through all 10 demo songs.
The box with a dot inside is used with Learn A Song or Free Tempo. It will let you use a song you recorded instead of one of the 10 songs.

Thanks to a reader I was given a Vtech Music Major user manual, everything but the notes of the built in songs.