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Toys for sequencer

  These are the toys I have made specifically to be used with my sequencer. Since recasing the sequencer and using usable switches the sequencer is much more fun and functional.
  The drums I did awhile ago when I first made the sequencer.

  Playskool Drum

  This has been my favorite drum toy. It does not have a lot, but it can give a lot. There is only a pitch mod, which this toy actually had a pitch control on it. I just extended the range of the pitch up and down. There are also 3 added caps with switches for distortion. They can be used independently or grouped.

  Mr Owl Drum

  This drum toy also has a pitch mod, and it has a "wet" mod too. Not as fun as Playskool, but it has been a nice compliment to it.

  Alphabet Desk (Ebay Special)

Old Pictures

New Pictures

  I refer to this as Ebay Special because it has the looks of something you'd find on Ebay, but it functions much more and better than one on Ebay would, start to finish 2 days' spare time. I added a simple pitch mod and adapted it to work with my sequencer through RCA jacks, bolt bay, and alligator clips. Each RCA jack has 2 alligator clips which can be connected to an A/B set of bolts so buttons can be controlled.

  Mix Me DJ

  This toy has lots of sounds in it. I had to make an adapter to mount the RCA jacks and mount new buttons to manual activate the old ones. Only mods were pitch and volume. Added a handle to the scratch wheel too.

  Rockin' Rhythm Drummer

  Added RCA jacks, and output jack. Added pitch control and distortion switches to individual sounds and backing rhythms.
  Cookie Monster

This toy normal works by shaking. His mouth opens and closes triggering a switch for him to say different phrases, and he can stutter is shaken just right.
The housing is a tight fit. One hand holds the pitch pot, and the other holds a RCA jack to trigger phrases from a sequencer. To use seq trig his mouth stays closed.
This is the first toy I have found that the lower the pitch the longer the trigger sig needs to be.
  Elmo Guitar

This is a recased Elmo Guitar with the addition of 1458/555 LED pitch controls.
Pitch can be modified by just a pot, by 1458 driven LED, or 555 driven LED. This was written about on getlofi.
Originally the toy had 4 buttons on the neck for individual riffs, whammy bar sound switch, Elmo phrases button, and full song switch. The full song switch if flipped one time played a song, and if flipped again it would step through the full song with each flip.
Each of those switches/buttons has a RCA jack for triggering.

  Uptown Beats Drums

Had this one for a long time before opening it up. Then blew out the amp ic. Finally replaced it, but still has a bit too much ground hum. Added jacks and pitch control. There are 22 sounds that can be assigned to each drumpad, and 49 backing beats.

  Mr Drum

This was the lid to a MegaBlocks bucket. Recased and buttons replaced with jacks. Added pitch control and left button for the three different modes: drums, colors, or cartoon sounds.

  Vtech Phone

Added bolt bay, pitch control, switch for random tones or numbers, and a button for choosing between numbers or characters.
The one let down on this is that sounds cannot be retriggered before they finish their sound.


Many of these toys can be seen in videos on my youtube channel.


Sample 1 1.94 Mb Playskool drum by itself on seq.
Sample 2 1.28 Mb Owl drum by itself on seq.
Sample 3 1.88 Mb Owl drum by itself on seq.
Sample 4 2 Mb Playskool and Owl drums on seq through crossfader.
Sample 5 2.88 Mb Playskool and Owl drums on seq through crossfader.
Sample 6 3.78 Mb Alphabet Desk by itself on seq.
Sample 7 4.52 Mb Alphabet Desk by itself on seq.
Sample 8 5.17 Mb Alphabet Desk and Playskool Drum on seq.
Sample 9 5.95 Mb Alphabet Desk and Playskool Drum on seq.
Sample 10 4.91 Mb Mix Me DJ by itself on seq.
Sample 11 4.51 Mb Mix Me DJ and Alphabet Desk on seq.
Sample 12 4.5 MB solo playskool drum.
Sample 13 6.6 MB playskool & owl drums.
Sample 14 6.3 MB playskool & owl drums.
Sample 15 4.5 MB playskool & owl drums.
Sample 16 2.5 MB Rockin' Rhythm drum on 2osc seq.
Sample 17 3.7 MB Rockin' Rhythm drum on 2osc seq.