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Using Oscillators

3 Types of osc
    2 Inverter

2 Methods
    Injecting signals
    Replacing components (coil/xtal/resonator)

How I refer to the following:
Oscillator = osc
Toy/keyboard/instrument = toy
Coil/inductor = coil
Crystal = xtal
Resonator/ceramic resonator = resonator
Transistor = xter
Inverter = inv
Resistor = res
Capacitor = cap
Potentiometer = pot
Switch = sw
Fast signal = higher freq
Slow signal = lower freq

A few things I think applies when adding an osc:
  Power the osc from the battery power supply of the toy. Try to connect osc power to turn on/off with the toy. Otherwise connect osc power and gnd on toy's pcb and put in a SPST kill switch between battery and pcb on gnd wire. This way osc will not be on and drain batteries.
  If possible plan where your components will be mounted so that while breadboarding you can use the same length of wire. Sometimes wire length and what it routes near/next to/on top of will have an affect.
  Use fresh batteries when breadboarding.
  Though I list 3 types of osc there are of course more. These are the osc I have had repeated success with. I always start a new project trying the osc setup of previous projects. Even if I get good results I still experiment with values of components.