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This is a simple cheap toy with quite a few possibilities. I plan on doing a pitch mod and add a looping function. The looping function will consist of a 555 osc a 4016 chip and a few RCA patch bays. I am going to use the RCA bays because I am not that interested in all of the switches this would require, and I am going to rotary switches on another Creatoy I have. The RCA jacks will be wired into the button matrix as open circuits. When the RCA plug is plugged in it will close the circuit with the rate of the 555 osc, the LED will show the rate. Sounds can only play one at a time so it is not a big deal to have to plug-unplug the RCAs. The rhythm section will loop if the circuit is closed so there will be a second RCA plug that is just shorted to close circuit.

The rate of the osc will have a fine and coarse control. If the pitch is lowered a longer duration will be needed for the loop. When I don't need the long duration just turn coarse knob to zero resistance, and control osc with fine knob.

The original circuit is only 3 volts, so the looping circuit will be powered separately. A 9 volt battery can be but in the "dummy battery" holes.

To make room for three RCA bays a piece of plexi sheet can be cut, shaped, painted, and mounted where the handle is now. The back side will also be closed off.

Here is the pcb with pads grouped and below is a mapping of the combos I need.
          Living room object/sounds                                Drums                            Rhythm

Lastly is how I think the Creatoy will be when done.

What the Creatoy ended up like.