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Info on the loop circuit can be found on the first Creatoy page. The only change I made was the addition of a switch between the LED and 4016. This was added to allow leaving the red RCA plug plugged into a patch bay w/o triggering the sound. The LED still flashes at the osc rate so adjustments can be made.
I am surprised how close this turned out to what I had planned. Instead of using plexi for the top 3 patch bays I use some aluminum. I also reverse mounted all patch bays, which is alot more work but worth the look.
Unlike all other matrix buttons I have seen that plug into socket this creatoy is tension fit with a couple screws holding the pcb against the traces on the mylar strip. To tap the patch bays into the button pad matrix I drilled two holes per fat trace. Fed a wire in through both holes and smashed wire flat to trace as possible. Soldered wire down to trace. Repeated for all needed taps. Once all soldering was done I filed the high spots down so all wires would make contact with the traces on the mylar.

tapping rca jacks into keypad matrix

When I went to do the pitch mod I found there were wires already soldered onto one leg of the 1M resistor. To keep things simple and quick I disconnected the other leg from the pcb, and I soldered another 1M in parallel to cut the resistance in half (500K). Then I added a 5M pot in series and connected that back to the pcb. Now the resistance range is 500K to 5.5M, slightly faster to really really slow. I also added body contacts through a 220K res.

pitch mod

Samples can be found on Instruments page.

White jack (shorted jack) plugged to loop rhythms.

Red jack (controlled by knobs on right) looping drum sounds and living room scene.

Reset, main power, 1/4", and jacks to loop drum and living room scene sounds.

On/off loop control, jacks for rhythm, and body contacts.

Red course loop length, blue fine loop length, LED, and pitch control.

Cover to fill in the back of the old handle.